Saturday, November 28, 2009


OK, so now im gunna explain the materials needed and some of the links im using to a certain extent. so, to start off, i went out and bought the following,
sturdy posterboard (1.59c a sheet, 4 sheets lasted us for 2 helmets)
air dry clay ($6 per box, theyre MASSIVE boxes, but if they dont have large boxes, estimate the amount you'll need)

3x expanding foam ($3 a can or so, we bought 2, used both on ONE helmet and went out to buy more, so i suggest 4 cans. EDIT: BUY GREAT STUFF (yes thats the company name) INSULATION FOAM IN A RED CAN)
all purpose BONDO ($11 for a large can. you only need one)
acrylic sheets (around $0.58 per sheet, very small sheets. you dont need much, we bought 4 small sheets just in case)

VHT nightshades ($15 per 10oz can, we onl bought 1 can, but we'll find out how much we need when we get there)
smoothcast and other casting materials (NOW, this set me back a lot. it was $145 for a gallon of the silicone mix and like $84 for the smoothcast resin. smoothcast 300, to be exact. but, sadly, its required for this project. and if you do end up ordering all of this, you only need a 1 gallon jug of silicone mix and 1 gallon jug of smoothcast 300)
OLFA BLADE (this will run you about $2-4 depending on which model you buy. you'll need it to cut the foam. this knife is flawless stainless steel and it cuts the foam like butter. nice and smooth.

those are all of the materials needed to build a helmet from SCRATCH! if our helmets come out well, we will be willing to sell helmets completed, or kits if you want to build them yourselves. depending on the amount of helmets your making, you will need more than just one case of each material. i listed how much we purchased for 2 helmets. hopefully, it will keep us set for the project. but again, if you dont want to build one from scratch we are willing to sell kits and completed helmets.

so i myself am using a couple tutorials and i am following some other forums and what not. here they are if you choose to use them:
VOLPINS GUIDE, this guy is a professional prop builder and a god to most guys like me. im following his guide like a bible. here it is,

im also following a forum in which someone else is following volpins guide, and is doing exactly what i am. i like to see his progress, for he is much farther than i am. heres his "guide"

theres all the guides and forums im following right now.


  1. woah i will really love if u will sell those kits for the helmet. u will right. lol jst kidding but i'll really like one of those

  2. yeah i will. eventually, that is. ive gotta get through the project first. and they will be through special order, since i wont have that many of them. ill also be selling raw resin copies of the helmet if you wanna skip all the hard work.


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